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Making homes warmer

Energystore Ltd has been trading for over 40 years. Our cavity and loft insulation installers have insulated over 500,000 homes with cavity wall insulation.

Benefits Of Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Full grant funding available
  • Annual Savings of up to £275
  • Uninsulated homes lose up to 35% of the heat through the walls. Our product offers a complete fill, with no gaps and consistent density across the cavity ensuring heat retention.
  • Our bead product is fire resistant, waterproof and the bonded finish allows water to pass down the cavity without crossing it- ensuring no damp or thermal bridging.
  • Suitable for install in areas of driven rain and bad weather ensuring a warm home year round with dry inner walls.
  • Fast clean install- all equipment is brought and taken away by installers and the process takes just a couple of hours.


How Does It Work?

Since the 1930’s the majority of homes have been built with cavity walls to stop wind driven rainwater penetrating through the inside of the property reducing dampness. Since the 1980’s building regulations have required new homes to be built with insulation in the cavity, if built properly this insulation should not compromise the wall’s resistance to rain penetration.


Homes built prior to 1980 will have an empty cavity that can be filled, if it remains empty air movement through the cavity will cool down the inner walls as temperatures outside drop. Filling the cavity with a water repellent insulating material reduces this loss, keeping your home warmer.

Watch Our Blown Bead Video

Cavity Wall Insulation - How It Works

The Install

Pre Install Checks – before any work takes place, we conduct a survey to confirm suitability for installation. Our surveys include boroscope inspections to determine the quality and type of existing insulation and ensure the cavity is suitable or clean.


Install- Following from a successful survey, the install process takes place. This involves drilling holes of 22mm diameter across the wall following the correct drill patter outlined by regulators and building guidelines.


Filling the Cavity- Once the property is drilled out, it is ready for filling. Our delivery gun is inserted into the drill holes and the Energystore Graphite 27 Plus bead is blown into the cavity with a liquid adhesive ready to bond and set in the cavity. Our fill process starts from the bottom up with all holes being filled and finished. The free flowing nature of the bead ensures all gaps are filled while the use of an adhesive ensures the bead sets into a bonded homogenous.

Suitability of Energystore bonded bead

Energystore EPS bonded bead is the best performing insulation available. The thermal properties of bead insulation satisfy u-values outlined in building regulations and the method of install ensures a full fill across the cavity that stops water passing to the inner leaf.


See the video which shows how the bonded spherical beads allow water to pass down through the cavity to be siphoned out of the wall at the damp proof course. This movement of water out of the cavity ensures no water breaches the cavity eradicating dampness and mould issues associated with insulation that has less water resistant properties.

Effectiveness of Blown Bead Insulation Against High Volume of Water


Energystore are active members of the leading construction industry associations. Energystore are committed to obtaining and maintaining even more industry accreditation’s and standards to demonstrate our focus on quality assurance. Here are some examples of the certificates, accreditation’s and trade bodies Energystore is associated with:

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