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TLA has been developed using the innovative Politerm Blu technology created by Edilteco. Politerm Blu was initially created in 1981 and since then has successfully been established in over 40 countries worldwide via Edilteco’s franchise network.

In 2018, energystore became the exclusive manufacturer of Politerm Blu products for the UK & Ireland. Since then we have been able to combine the excellent thermal properties of superbead with Politerm Blu to create TLA.

Why is TLA so unique?

The key ingredient to TLA is a special additive known as E.I.A. that has been developed by Edilteco. When E.I.A. is applied to EPS beads it guarantees that the EPS beads mix perfectly with cement and water. Without the E.I.A. technology, the EPS beads which are much lighter than cement would float to the top of the mix before it hardens. With E.I.A. this problem is completely removed and a homogeneous mix with a high thermal insulation level and constant quality can be achieved.

The combination of EPS beads and cement creates a very lightweight screed that has exceptional thermal, weight and acoustic properties. These properties make TLA insulated screeds an ideal solution for many applications.


Applications of Product

TLA can be used in several applications that can benefit from the unique properties of the product

  1. Insulated floor screed. Installed as a replacement for traditional EPS / PIR insulation
  2. Lightweight filling for intermediate floors. The low density of the product means it can provide an effective aggregate for weight reduction in intermediate floors
  3. Insulated roofing. Installed as a replacement for traditional flat or pitched roof insulation that bitumen can be applied directly on to.

Benefits of TLA

  1. Quick Drying – One team can install 1,000 sqm+ in one day; allows increased productivity onsite
  1. Improved Project Flexibility – No need to pre-order or store insulation materials weeks in advance, installers can be booked with a few days notice
  1. Flexible Product Solution – The product comes in many factory mixed variations to meet customer requirements on thickness, weight, thermal performance etc.
  1. Quick Drying – Walk on the floor in 24 hours. Complete drying time of 1 day per 10mm thickness
  1. In-Life Performance – The product creates a single structure leaving no gaps in the insulation layer and no sealing of joints required
  1. Low Environmental Impact – There is no onsite wastage or off cuts. The products is 85% polystyrene bead which is one of the most environmentally friendly insulation products on the market

TLA Technical Data

energystore TLA is made with expanded virgin graphite EPS beads mixed with EIA additive to form a thermal lightweight aggregate. Once mixed with cement*and water, the finished product can help meet the Building Regulations requirements throughout the UK & Ireland.

Testing of the thermal lightweight aggregate is done in accordance with BS EN 16025 ‘Thermal and / or sound insulating products in Building construction – Bound EPS ballastings’.


Indicative U-Values for floors using TLA

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