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New Build Customers

Energystore’s EPS bonded bead insulation system offers a ready made solution to your new build insulation needs. Energystore’s fully trained installer’s will arrive on site with all materials needed to insulate the property.


Energystore bonded bead offers a high quality, fast, clean install of cavity wall insulation in any cavity size. Energystore bead can achieve the required u-value to satisfy building regulations across a range of cavity depths.


Why Energystore EPS Bonded Bead System?

Energystore bonded bead provides new build professionals the most advanced and best performing cavity wall insulation. Energystore’s bonded bead system ensures a complete fill with no gaps across large and deep cavities due to its flow ability.


Advantages of the Energystore bonded bead insulation system include:

  • Reduced build cost: bead is a cheaper insulation product, no wastage, no hassle or time wasting for brick layers and other site workers
  • Guaranteed 100% fill of the cavity. No chance for gaps and cold spots ensuring high quality thermal performance
  • Quick and easy install: the install vehicle is self-contained and all materials are brought to and taken away from site
  • Bead achieves the necessary u-values to satisfy building regulations

How it works

Following site survey and suitability checks, a team of Energystore installer’s will arrive on site with all the tools and equipment needed to complete the install.


The property is drilled internally on the inner leaf following the drill pattern outlined in the Energystore EPS bonded bead system. Drill holes 22-26mm in diameter are made across the elevations.


When drilling is completed, the filling process can begin. Energystore installer’s fill the drill holes they have made leaving a fully insulated cavity. Once the fill is completed the holes are made good and are ready for plastering at the next stage of the build.


The install vehicle is entirely self-contained and all materials arrive and leave the site with our installers. There is no need for storage space for our product or wastage of unused materials. Energystore’s trained installer’s fast and effective install can take place in all weather conditions and can take place in conjunction with other tradesmen on site.


Thermal Performance

Energystore bonded bead system can provide the thermal performance necessary to satisfy building regulations. Our technical staff can provide u-value calculations using our product and your build elements to ensure the building specifications are met before any work begins.


Energystore bonded bead insulation system will achieve a u-value of 0.20W/m2K in a 150mm cavity and can achieve u-values of 0.15W/m2K within a 200mm cavity


Energystore are active members of the leading construction industry associations. Energystore are committed to obtaining and maintaining even more industry accreditation’s and standards to demonstrate our focus on quality assurance. Here are some examples of the certificates, accreditation’s and trade bodies Energystore is associated with:

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