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Making homes warmer …

What we do….

Energystore make homes warmer – it’s what we do!


If you’re spending too much on your energy bills, have issues with damp, mould or condensation, or if your home is just difficult to heat, then cavity wall insulation (CWI) is more than likely the solution.


Energystore have been experts in cavity wall insulation for over 40 years and – to date – have made over 400,000 homes warmer (and cosier). That’s a lot of happy customers!


Our high performance EPS bonded bead cavity wall insulation is GUARANTEED to improve the thermal performance of your home.


All Energystore installer’s are highly trained and accredited and all insulation work is approved and regulated by KIWA and NSAI and fully guaranteed by GDGC.


Northern Ireland Grants

For Northern Ireland based customers there are several grant options available. If you are interested in a subsidised or completely free install of cavity wall insulation then call the Energystore sales team. The dedicated sales staff will find the best option available for you.


See below for further details on grants available.


Landlord Grants


Affordable Warmth Grants


What happens when I get in touch?

  • We’ll arrange to conduct a free survey to check the condition of your existing cavity wall insulation (CWI)
  • We’ll tell you whether or not you qualify for a fully funded installation of CWI
  • We’ll tell you how CWI can reduce your heating bills by up to 35%
  • We’ll tell you how CWI can help you make annual savings of at least £150 on your fuel bills
  • We’ll tell you about our 25-year insurance-backed guarantee


Some more info….

Energystore EPS bonded bead cavity wall insulation will provide improved thermal performance for your home.


Energystore’s installation process ensures a guaranteed 100% fill of EPS bonded bead throughout your home’s wall cavities.


The install process ensures that there are no gaps left within the insulation so that your home will be left thermally efficient and will retain heat. The Energystore bonded bead cavity wall insulation system will:


  • Drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency and heat retention
  • Reduce fuel bills
  • Eliminate mould and condensation
  • Make your home warm and cosy
  • Clean and fast installation – completed within a few hours


Energystore specialise in transforming hard-to-heat properties into warm homes to provide a comfortable environment for all.


Extraction & Replacement CWI

If the insulation in your home is outdated or defective this can result in excessive heat loss and make your home cold, damp and susceptible to mould and condensation.


Energystore have successfully extracted and refilled over 2,000 homes to date and are Northern Ireland’s foremost specialists in CWI extraction and thermal imaging.


Energystore have all the necessary tools to recommend the best cavity wall insulation treatment for your home.


Energystore are fully certified to carry out cavity wall extraction and refill under Stroma Cavity Clearance Scheme.


Our processes are fully regulated to ensure that when you have old and underperforming cavity wall insulation extracted from your property, you are left with a totally clean cavity suitable for refilling with Energystore’s high performance EPS bonded bead insulation.


Customer Testimonials

Energystore pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and improving the quality of life of the homeowners we work with. See what our customer’s had to say about us…

  • “I wasn’t in during the process as I was at work, but it didn’t cause me any concern or hassle: I wouldn’t even have know anyone had been there. “

    Mr. Maguire (Enniskillen)
  • “There had been a lot of damp in the rooms and a smell in the house. It was quite hard to heat, making it an uncomfortable home. The house is warm now, no sign of damp and we’re looking forward seeing a difference in our fuel bills.”

    Ms Mahoon (Enniskillen)
  • “My house is finally warm and retaining heat.”

    Mrs G (Belfast)
  • “I feel like I have a new house. And it finally feels like a home.”

    Miss O (Annalong)
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