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Social Housing

Energystore has a long history of partnering with housing associations and local authorities on innovative projects designed to provide tailor-made energy efficiency solutions.


Energystore are Stroma accredited cavity clean specialists with detailed experience in manufacture and install of EPS bonded bead insulation.

Energystore’s vast experience has helped grow the company’s expertise and understanding of all aspects of insulation performance and installation.


With our partners, IRT Surveys, Energystore can provide thermal performance surveys quickly and in high volume to provide social housing clients with an accurate report on the condition of their properties and, where problems with poor insulation are highlighted, how best to treat them efficiently and at reasonable cost.


Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty has been shown to be a life-threatening issue in the UK and Ireland. A home is deemed to be in fuel poverty if the occupants are required to spend 10% or more of their income on maintaining an acceptable level of warmth.


Fuel Poverty is a serious issue afflicting over five million households in the UK – 42% of the Northern Ireland population are deemed to be living in fuel poverty.


Fuel poverty studies show that the UK ranks lowest amongst all other developed western european countries and with the highest incidence of winter death*.


Whilst the UK enjoys relatively low gas and electricity prices compared to other european countries, its poor fuel poverty performance is considered to be due to the dire condition of its housing stock.


The easiest, most effective and economic solution in the fight against fuel poverty is to improve the insulation of our domestic housing stock. To do so requires surveying by borescope and thermal imaging to fully investigate each property’s energy performance.


*The Energy Bill Revolution: The Cold Man of Europe

  • “Northern Ireland has more excess winter deaths per head of population than Finland”.

    Steven Agnew MLA, Stormont Assembly, March 2013
  • ”1960s and 70s bungalows are a metaphor for Fuel Poverty”

    John Ross Research Lecturer Renewable & Sustainable Technologies South Eastern Regional College (SERC)
  • “FACT: Mould has been classified as a category one risk by the World Health Organisation. The same danger level as asbestos”

    John Ross Research Lecturer Renewable & Sustainable Technologies South Eastern Regional College (SERC)

Why Energystore

Energystore have successfully completed many large cavity wall insulation improvement projects in North and Southern Ireland.


The efficacy of any remedial insulation install depends on the quality of the initial survey and the explanation provided of exactly what is going on inside the wall.


Energystore have carried out 1,000’s of fast, detailed surveys for properties and research projects (such as the SERC report) in recent years. The company’s experience and research means there is no cavity problem that they haven’t faced before.


A listing of some of Energystore’s cavity wall projects can be viewed below.

Thermal Imaging

Energystore are proud to be partners with IRT Surveys the leading thermal imaging provider in the UK.


IRT have a wealth of experience and have carried out over 250,000 surveys worldwide. Their extensive surveying provides clients with clear reports and analysis-based data quickly and at reasonable cost.


Technological advances, such as thermography, have allowed faster, more reliable and non-invasive methods of cavity wall inspection. Through thermal imaging, clients can receive almost instant results that highlight all excessive heat loss and penetrating damp.


Once failing insulation is detected by thermal imaging, Energystore’s skilled installer network – equipped with Energystore’s EPS bonded bead insulation products – can transform social housing stock into energy efficient, welcoming and warmer homes.


High Quality Survey

The key to any successful insulation project is the quality of survey done before assessing a property’s suitability for either a cavity wall installation or an insulation extract and refill.


A combination of survey by thermal imaging and by borescope camera allows Energystore to forensically examine the inside of a building’s cavity walls and analyse its thermal performance.


If your housing stock suffers from cold, damp, mould and excessive heat loss then thermal imaging and borescope surveying will provide you with an accurate picture of the contents of their cavity walls and insulation needs.


Why Extract

Older insulation materials tend to break down over time and/or become saturated.

The porous nature of brick allows damp ingress into wall cavities, which is then often absorbed by older insulants such as rockwool fibre, causing the material to become saturated and then sag leaving cold spots.


Poorly installed or degrading insulation can create serious problems including:


  • Excessive heat loss
  • Damp and mould
  • Poor health: WHO classifies mould as a category one health risk
  • Increased cost of property maintenance
  • Inflated heating bills

Energystore are expert in cavity extraction and re-fill.

Our work has transformed the lives of many.

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