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IRT Surveys

Energystore have been partners with IRT Surveys since 2014. IRT Surveys have developed and enhanced energy efficiency, energy loss and building defects.

About IRT Surveys

IRT Surveys are the UK’s leading infrared thermal imaging company offering independent consultancy on a building’s energy performance. IRT Surveys are an award winning and market leading company who provide impartial advice to building surveying professionals, asset portfolio managers and commercial energy managers. IRT Surveys have nationwide coverage and their trained thermographers specialise in identifying the “Energy Release” from the area being viewed.


How It Works

IRT Surveys use thermal diagnostics to determine energy loss estimation, structural defects, leak detection, preventative maintenance and electrical faults. The use of visual aids to quantify energy loss through a building allows for prioritising retrofit projects to optimise your budget.


The detailed images provide a non invasive and rapid insight, identifying areas of concern. IRT have developed unique software that collates data to produce clear and concise results. IRT can help you understand your data, extract relevant and essential information for you to make data-driven decisions on refurbishments needed to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

What Energystore and IRT Surveys can offer you

IRT specialise in high speed, large volume and non-invasive visual insights into a properties energy loss. IRT Surveys can quickly quantify energy loss estimations and identify structural defects within a property such as underperforming, slumped or a lack of insulation.

IRT have a proven track record having successfully surveyed housing stock for the majority of councils in Scotland. IRT Survey’s ability to identify deficiencies and provide data driven information coupled with the Energystore EPS bonded bead insulation system and 40 years’ experience in the insulation sector means clients can be confident of receiving a tailor made solution. Thermal imaging can be used as a before and after tool to highlight the benefits of retrofit and insulation programmes and quantify scheme management and energy upgrades.

IRT Surveys recently provided Energystore with thermographic surveys of 150 homes on the Highfield Estate, Belfast – in just three hours – which gave a quick diagnosis of common deficiencies and helped provide a viable solution as to how the properties’ energy efficiency could be – and was – improved through retrofitted cavity wall insulation.



Energystore are active members of the leading construction industry associations. Energystore are committed to obtaining and maintaining even more industry accreditation’s and standards to demonstrate our focus on quality assurance. Here are some examples of the certificates, accreditation’s and trade bodies Energystore is associated with:

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