What is CWI (Cavity Wall Insulation)?

Cavity wall insulation is used to reduce heat loss through a cavity wall by filling the air space with material that inhibits heat transfer. This immobilises the air within the cavity, preventing convection, and can substantially reduce space heating costs.

Is my house suitable for CWI?

If your wall has a cavity it may be suitable if there is at least a 40mm gap in the cavity, the cavity is free from debris and the walls have been well maintained.

How long will it take to install CWI?

It usually takes our trained operatives around two hours on site to complete an installation but, it can take longer for large houses.

How will superbead be installed?

Our trained installers will drill a series of small holes in the outer leaf which energystore superbead is then injected into at pressure with a water based adhesive to make sure the beads stay in place. After the install the holes will be refilled with mortar that is colour matched as close as possible to the property.

How much will I save on heating?

The amount saved on your heating bill depends on the size of your house and heating type but, typical homes can save up to £250 a year.

Is CWI good for the environment?

energystore superbead was independently found to be the most environmentally insulation product by Sustainable Homes. Installing superbead will save a typical home over 26 tonnes of CO2 - that's the equivalent of the lifetime CO2 saving for 55 trees!

How long will the insulation last?

energystore superbead will last for the lifetime of the property if the property is well maintained.

Is it possible to install if i have board in the wall?

Subject to survey, yes we are able to perform a method known as partial4 fill to 'top-up' your cavity wall insulation. Much of the early board insulation provides limited benefits compared to modern standards so many homes benefit from a 'top-up'.

Will the insulation make my home too warm in the summer?

In the unlikely event we have a warm summer, the insulation will actually help to keep your house cool. Insulation works by preventing heat transfer through the wall. So if it is warmer outside than inside, energystore superbead will prevent your home from heating up.