energystore superbead

energystore superbead is a bonded bead EPS system for cavity walls and internal party walls, offering excellent insulation performance with a thermal conductivity of 0.033 W·m¯¹·K¯¹. The unique flow of superbead allows the insulation to fully fill the cavity while the factory controlled density means that you will get the real life performance you were expecting with no variation due to installation.  superbead is suitable for both new build and existing buildingds and is one of the most versatile insulation products on the market. 

Environmental Impact of superbead

Sustainable Homes independently assessed the environmental impact of energystore superbead in a first of it’s kind life cycle assessment. superbead was found to have the lowest Global Warming Potential per equivalent unit of insulation of any insulation product available in the UK.  superbead will last for the life of the building and has a carbon payback of only 5 months. For the full report click here   

The benefits of energystore superbead

Thermal Performance

superbead has a thermal conductivity of 0.033 W·m¯¹·K¯¹ making it one of the best performing blown insulation products on the market

Water performance

superbead is a closed cell technology which means it does not absorb moisture enabling it to be installed into cavities as narrow as 40mm

Reliability of install

superbead is installed by trained specialists approved by energystore, ensuring the installed product completely fills the cavity


superbead is one of the most cost effective CWI solutions available, delivering cost savings of up to 50% versus alternatives

Speed of install

superbead is installed at 8 bar pressure with 40% less injection holes than other products allowing trained installers to complete their work more quickly

No onsite wastage

All materials required for the install are brought to site in specially designed vehicles. The exact amount of material required is injected into the cavity meaning no material goes to landfill

Applications of energystore superbead

energystore superbead is one of the most versatile insulation products on the market with applications in a number of different build types including. To find out more about superbead’s applications see our product brochures here

energystore superbead technical brochures

energy superbead technical brochures

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