energystore TLA

energystore TLA is a unique thermal lightweight aggregate combining eps beads with Edilteco’s Politerm® Blu technology. Politerm® Blu technology is used in over 40 countries worldwide to create innovative and unrivalled lightweight screeds. energystore has brought this technology to the UK & Ireland for the first time, launching energystore TLA in 2018.

The combination of TLA and cement creates a lightweight screed that has exceptional weight, thermal and acoustic properites. This makes energystore TLA insulated screeds the ideal solution for many applications.

"Our design and build team believe that energystore TLA will be essential on future projects."

Cahill Rodgers, MJM Group

The benefits of using energystore TLA

Ultra Low Weight

Installed density as low as 130 kg / m³.

Less CO2 impact

Floor solutions with up to 80% less cement, reducing CO2 impact.

Faster Projects

Drying time of 1cm per day under normal conditions.

Applications of energystore TLA

Due to energystore TLA’s unique combination of low density, thermal and acoustic insulation properties, there are many suitable uses for the product, including:

Ground Floor Insulation

energystore TLA can achieve thermal conductivity as low as 0.043 W·m-1·K-1, enabling projects to achieve their energy conservation requirements. energystore TLA can be applied directly on top of the hardcore, reducing the cement content in a floor construction. As a result, energystore TLA ensures floors are constructed in the most environmentally friendly way possible and significantly reduces the dry out time required. It is also possible to lay energystore TLA on top of concrete sub-floors and beam and block solutions.

Intermediate Floor Solutions

energystore TLA provides a versatile lightweight solution for use in intermediate floors. By replacing traditional floor systems with energystore TLA it is possible to save significant weight while meeting the loading requirements of the floor. energystore TLA has lightweight, thermal and acoustic benefits which can lead to savings on structural design, reduce the need for insulation boards beneath underfloor heating systems and may lead to reduced costs of meeting acoustic requirements. The system will also lead to quicker floor drying times and significant co2 savings as a result of reduced structural requirements and cement.
Suitable for
► Metal decking systems
► Concrete flooring systems

Roof Insulation Solutions

energystore TLA can be used in flat and sloped roofing designs enabling lightweight, insulated solutions. It is possible to apply waterproofing applications direct to energystore TLA creating a very effective bonded structure.

Balconies & Void filler

Among other applications, energystore TLA is used as a lightweight solution for balconies, as a void filler and a self-levelling solution for uneven floors. energystore TLA provides solutions for many projects.