Masonry Construction

energystore superbead is suitable for both new build and retrofit masonry construction.The unique flow of energystore superbead along with the closed cell technology makes it one of the best performing insulation products on the market.

The benefits of energystore superbead


No moisture absorption

superbead is a closed cell technology that does not absorb moisture. The varied size of the beads allows any water in the cavity to travel down through the bead but prevents any moisture passing to the inner leaf.

Due to the closed cell technology, energystore superbead will maintain its thermal performance even when there is moisture in the cavity unlike other materials.

No on-site waste

superbead is delivered to site in specialist vehicles ready for install. The product is injected into the walls until the cavity is fully filled. The exact amount of material is used to fill the cavity resulting in no onsite wastage.
energystore’s technical team can provide detailed U-value and Psi-value calculations free of charge for any project using our products. Or you can try out our U-Value calculator tool by entering your project details here. For more information on the technical support we offer click here.