Party Wall

Party Wall insulation

energystore superbead is the only EPS bead insulation with Robust Details for masonry construction satisfying Part E of building regulations. This offers the opportunity to use a single product in both the cavity and party wall offering time and cost savings.  

The benefits of superbead in new build Party Wall

Product certainty

Traditionally the product used in a party wall is different from the product used in the cavity. With energystore superbead it is the same product used in both locations removing the uncertainty of product use.

Time and cost savings

As the product used in both the party wall and the cavity are exactly the same, there is no down time for the installer to clean equipment and change material.  This simplifies the install process allowing jobs to be completed quicker and for a cost saving to be made on the material in comparison to other commonly used party wall insulation products.

Other benefits of energystore superbead

Thermal performance

superbead has a thermal conductivity of 0.033 W/mK making it one of the best performing blown insulation products on the market

No onsite wastage

All materials required for the install are brought to site in specially designed vehicles. The exact amount of material required is injected into the cavity meaning no material goes to landfill.