Timber frame CWI

energystore superbead is the only EPS bead insulation with third party  accreditation and NHBC approval for use in timber frame new build properties. superbead offers a blown alternative to batt or board insulation that is commonly used in timber frame buildings. Using superbead will reduce wastage and off-cuts but also save money.

Example Timber frame wall constructions

Timber frame houses are built in a number of different ways and to different specifications. The adaptability of superbead allows it to be installed in a variety of wall make-ups to achieve the thermal performance required.

Other benefits of energystore superbead

Thermal performace

superbead has a thermal conductivity of 0.033W·m¯¹·K¯¹ making it one of the best performing blown insulation products on the marke

Speed of install

superbead is installed at 5 bar pressure allowing panels to be fully filled quickly and efficiently

No onsite wastage

All materials required for the install are brought to site in specially designed vehicles. The exact amount of material required is injected into the cavity meaning no material goes to landfill


superbead is one of the most cost effective CWI solutions available, delivering cost savings of up to 50% versus alternatives