Technical Support

Technical support

energystore offer a range of technical support services to customers in addition to the available technical information that can be downloaded from our certification page. Our technical team can help you to learn more about insulation, our product range and their applications. If you have queries about a particular project we can provide technical support to ensure you make the right choices.
energystore offer a series of certified CPDs covering the principles of insulation and considerations when selecting floor or cwi insulation. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a CPD.
We complete U-value calculations upon request. Our technical team are trained members of the Elmhurst U-value competency scheme. You can also use our handy U-value calculator tool to get a U-value for your project.
The energystore technical team can produce thermal bridging and Ψ-value calculations for projects using our products. Project specific Ψ-value calculations can have a significant impact, helping clients to meet their SAP requirements for cost-effectively.
Our technical team have many years of on-site assessments and inspections. We use the latest available technologies and can perform technical inspections including thermal imagery, borescope inspections and damp readings.